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    First searching for his father’s murderer and then a quest for the Holy Grail has not allowed Thomas to rest since the first part of the series. He has been moving here and there in the smoky marches for a quest which is bigger than his life for him. Bernard Cornwell in the first episode too showed Thomas as a committed man. Remaining committed to his task and job has brought him this far in his life. Everyone who is taking part in the war is also on a quest to look for the Holy Grail as well.


    There is no clear hint that the grail exists to the present day but this doesn’t stop the soldiers to stop looking for it. For Thomas, the situation is to some extent different i.e he has some clues and maps designed by his father. The man is sure that his father knew a lot about this ancient relic and the traces that are left by him are all true. Dominicans get the news soon that Thomas can lead them to the grail, thus the Dominican soldiers arrest him and then they punish him like a sandbag.

    Andrew Cullum narrates each groan with an intense voice that makes the fans feel what the hero is going through. Sufferings and struggles were never taken to this level in The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman by Bernard. The author wanted to bring something big out of his pen because of which he chose a big target for the emerging hero. War does not end here and there is more to the mission than ordinary wars and fights for personal causes.

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