Arcanist: Spellmonger, Book 12


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    Arcanist: Spellmonger, Book 12

    Whether a person is a simple soldier or a supreme commander he cannot fight a battle on a battlefield with full strength if he is not hundred percent psychologically. Emotions make a person strong or weak in his life. Count Minalan is presented as the most powerful wizard in the whole world by author Terry Mancour but still, the wizard feels that he is weak. He has defeated enemies in the past that were awesome in their grandeur but none has been able to stand against him.

    Arcanist: Spellmonger, Book 12

    The last enemy i.e Gaja Katar was the toughest of the lot but he too was defeated handsomely by the Count. Minalan thought he had eradicated every threat that was present against him on the land but he was wrong. Now hordes are rising against him and suddenly he feels that he is short of allies. The enemy that he now faces may not appear to be the strongest he has ever faced but he is surely tricky.

    Arcanist: Spellmonger, Book 12

    Before attacking anyone Nemovort first analyzes his line of defense and then slowly he launches an attack on the weak points of his enemy. With Minalan he decides to do the same thing and it would not have been that much easy if he had not been broken from the inside. John Lee narrates the story of a broken man but he is not going down very easily after all he is the strongest wizard in the land. Spellmonger and Warmage would be great along with this breathtaking novel. If you like magic and sentiments combine then it is a one-stop shop for you that will give you everything.


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