Storm Assault


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B. V. Larson has written more than 60 books on a variety of genres. However, he got fame and immense recognition through his fictional novels, more specifically, the contemporary science fiction novels. Storm Assault is one of them and the book is part 8 of the Star Force novel series.

If you want to know about more quality novels from the author then the recommended ones are The Dead Sun and Army of One. Both are chapters from Star Force novel series and had been quite enjoyable for the audience.

This is the 8th chapter of the Star Force novel series and Kyle Riggs is still away from the Earth and for a long time. The story however gets a totally new direction this time. Some huge fleets are set by Star Force and their Imperials but, the Blues has come up as the 3rd player in the ongoing game.

Storm Assault

A 3-way war for the known star systems has just started. It has the fates of considerable species and worlds hanging in balance. Kyle Riggs realizes that he must destruct all his enemies before then avenge him. Seeking revenge and justice, Kyle Riggs recollect his strengths and sets up on a conquest mission from the Eden System. The humanity should fight here well to survive and Kyle Riggs got to be the best man for this job, hands down.

Mark Beyott has blessed the audio version of this novel with his magical voice one again. People loved the performance as it was absolutely brilliant considering the scope of the characters, story and the performance required


Battle Station: Star Force, Book 5

The Dead Sun


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