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    San Francisco captures the attention of Christopher Moore once again, the author has an insight for this part of the world and he likes the mysterious culture of the place too. Novel takes us back to the days of 1947 when the streets were not that safe as they are now. Crimes were everywhere and there were people with special connection that could get the job done of any kind within seconds.

    Sammy was one of that sort of a guy who had many connections on the streets and thus whenever people needed some job done which was most of the time a criminal activity they made contact with him.


    Sammy too always eager for such job because it was the way he earned his livelihood, the current night when the novel starts the man was not in a mode of earning rather he was ready to give everything away. Stilton appeared in the bar for the first time and Sammy had to admit that he had not seen such a rare beauty before. Meanwhile a call for a job ruins what could be his first date with the darling.

    Remy interrupted the love connection but the offer was irresistible for Sammy. News of flying objects rock the world but people like Sammy have their own issues to deal with instead of thinking about a plane crash. Strange things take place just like Fool and The Serpent of Venice but the element of love is dominant in this book. That’s why Johnny Heller is almost singing in the narration to make writer’s point of view clear for the audience. Novel of crazy dreams is what the book really is if you want to sum up in quick words.


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