Secondhand Souls


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    Beta Male got a terrible job to perform at the birth of his daughter in A Dirty Job and since then life has been tough for him because he is keeping his family safe as well. It’s not about the disappearance of the men anymore, rather the souls are vanishing into thin air which is far more sinister.

    Someone has a hidden agenda which if fulfilled can change the whole landscape of the world. None of the soul gets collected in San Francisco now, after the death of a person the soul gets out of the body but then it vanishes as if someone is ready on the death bed to pounce on it.

    Secondhand Souls

    All the hints lead towards one place i.e the orange bridge which is a notorious place since the day it was built and now it is ready to fulfill its true purpose. Charlie Asher has a little problem of his own this time and that’s why he cannot investigate on the crime right away. His body is gone and he is surviving in a very small meat puppet until the new suitable body is found for him. Till then all this Death merchant can do is to watch and wait for the things to go right for him and his team of unlikely heroes.

    Its Fisher Stevens again in the narration and it sounds good to listen to a familiar voice again. Most of the characters are new except the main one and he too is in a different body this time that is found in a rather haste by his friend. Charlie’s continuous struggle reminds us of Fool but his situation was not that tragic. Nice rhythmic series and hope that the things go well for Charlie in the trilogy.


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