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    Stories about dragons are fun to listen because there is so much fantasy involved in these stories. The dragons and dragon slayers have decorated many novels in the past and this one is not far behind in fame. Black Dragon starts feeding on knights of the kingdom on this occasion and the king wants a solution quickly otherwise nothing would remain safe anymore. Gareth in his search of a solution, finds Aversin i.e the man who has slayed a dragon in the past. Now the king wants Aversin to perform the same thing once again because the dragon is bringing havoc to the land.


    Task is not easy to perform but the king promises certain things because of which Aversin is unable to refuse the proposal. Jenny also comes to aid the dragon slayer by the help of her magic and with her return the old spark of love also gets ignited. The three decide to lay down a perfect plan, the fate however does not favour these three brave warriors because an evil sorcerer takes control of the kingdom by taming the king with her magic.

    The king stops helping these three warriors and the course of the battle gets changed in a bad way for the trio. Barbara Hambly gained fame through Dark Hand of Magic and Graveyard Dust, this book is like a topping on the rest of the work. Derek Perkins has also been there for the narration of most of the books by Barbara. This is a good combination which the fans like a lot and it surely has its impact on the head and heart.

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