Stranger at the Wedding

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    Barbara Hambly’s novels are full of surprises all the time and most of the time, these surprises bring destruction for the main character. Kyra gets into a lot of troubles in this novel just when she was planning a happy life for herself. She thought that she would just simply go to the Council and would display her skills for the final wizard test after which she would get what she has been waiting for. Ironically things don’t go according to the plan and Kyra has to go home for some urgent business.

    Her sister Alix was to be married according to the wishes of the family, apparently it was a good news but somehow Kyra was told that her younger sister would die after her wedding. So Kyra goes back to the family that adopted her as a child just in order to save Alix life. The thing is not easy because Kyra has to face the wrath of her father and confront some enmity from the family.

    Stranger at the Wedding

    Her magic had not been working perfectly for a number of months and this also becomes a sign of worry for her. Between all of this, an ancient foe also approaches Kyra’s doorstep and nothing seems to be in order for this young girl who wants to become a wizard. Anne Flosnik narrates at quick pace all the time and this tale is a bit quick in terms of narration in comparison with  Fever Season and Graveyard Dust. Just don’t go anywhere because you would not like to miss this big family drama with a lot of magic involved all the way.

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