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    Since the time Ryan Jr. is added Tom Clancy is experimenting with different writers here Mark Greaney gives a helping hand in the characterization. This usually happens when the series goes too long the author mostly starts repeating things or harps on the same pattern.

    For the sake of innovation and improvement Tom is taking helping different department. Luckily the experimentation is a success and has not ended up in a big disaster which would be quite heartbreaking for the fans that have been following all this for years. Jack Ryan Jr. is following his father’s footsteps since the launching of the first mission against the Emir in Dead or Alive.

    Locked On

    His cousins who are his team mates as well forms the group he can trust anytime and thus the legacy continue to bring havoc for the terrorists who have been teasing the world. They are working as a private organization still and Jack the senior wants the presidency again to make whole of this official. Not everybody wants that thus the hurdles are on the way to stop the father and son from exceeding their limits.

    The enemy has forged a force of its own and an old friend of Jack, John Clark is the first target that they will meet and after that it would be huge. Jack has to deal with the situations in the Middle East and also he wants to stop the Pakistani general who has been selling the nuclear technology to the terrorists.

    A tough time for the company from all sides and the enemy is far more connected in their country too which the father and son were never expecting. It is Lou Diamond Phillips once again as the official narrator and is improving for sure.

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