A Mark of Kings


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    It is often said that if a person has some qualities in blood than those qualities are sure to emerge when the need arises. Declan’s case is no different than this statement which proves true for the person who has royal blood in his veins. The boy knows all about evil in the world, he has confronted bastards and fought brigands and never left the battlefield. Then he has a trustworthy beast on his side that he calls “Ryn”.

    The beast is unique in its kind and there is nothing like it anywhere on the land. The last decade is spent in a group of mercenaries that hunt those invading the land and all this is done for the sake of livelihood too. A tough job is accepted by the group and it fails to fulfill the given task. It’s not a big deal people fail in their jobs and then they get fired that’s all but this was not something that they were expecting. An evil has unleashed that was thought to be a legend or among the fairy tales.

    A Mark of Kings

    The source is linked to the age of dragons and nobody was hoping to see the dead coming out of their graves for a war. Declan can just run away from the scene because it is no fault of his but stopping the undead can make him a legend and his friend the beast also suggests the same. Bryce O’ Connor and Luke Chmilenko have created wonders and legends like Winter’s King and Child of the Daystar in the past.

    The current book is also up to the expectations and hopes increased in flavor by Nick Podehl’s voice. The narrator is like a legend now in the world of fantasy and fiction the voice is so perfect that the audience is most of the time not ready to listen the novel in anyone else’s voice.

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    1. Don’t bother reading the book it’s poorly written. A dragon vs Drake fight and your perspective is on the little boy.


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