The Vine Witch


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    The rebirth of magic and witch craft ignites the tale of the series; word “Witch” looks evil to many but the concept needs a reawakening. The Witch in the story gets a curse that ruins everything she was destined to look after. Known as the vine witch Elena has the duty to look after the vineyards that been in the possession of her race for centuries. The curse buried her under the marshlands and took her powers away from her.

    Now she after years of struggling comes back to the place that is her birth right. The surroundings have changed totally since her burial and now the vineyard is the property of a man known as Jean-Paul. Paul is not the sort for whom a Witch can keep grudge for a long time as he is handsome and attractive. For the people of the village he is the only man who does not believe in witches and things that it is the role of science behind all the happenings. Elena wants to redecorate the vineyard after getting it back but the powers that threw her away are still near.

    The Vine Witch

    This time a mistake can knock her for a loop once again. She cleverly hides her true identity and begins to explore the matter and getting close to Paul. This is Luanne G. Smith’s first book and is not bad at all as a first attempt; Susannah Jones is also not an old battle axe in narration but it is an accurate job by the two. The next part will confirm the strength of the plot and the development of the story which just started to build up in this session.

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    2 thoughts on “The Vine Witch”

    1. I liked! I wished the vine witch would have expanded more on the day to day activities of the Vinyard and the making of wine . But still it was good.


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