Iron Gold


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    The series that so many thought would end at the trilogy comes with another part as Pierce Brown adds some new evils into the series in order to give a new flavor to the war. The action continues in this fourth part as well but this time the balance of power has shifted to the Red caste. As the Red becomes more and more powerful eradicating the Gold caste become a lot easier for them.

    Iron Gold

    Now Darrow’s objective is not only to overthrow the Gold caste but to overthrow the whole color-coded system. The system that has been plaguing the land since the beginning of time and this is the right time as well because his forces are emerging fast. This is the kind of Darrow that we see for the first time, unlike the one that was in Red Rising and Golden Son. This Darrow is a leader who is on the last stage of eradicating his enemies and bringing a new rule to the land. Just when we think that we will see happy ending new forces join the Gold caste out of nowhere and threat again starts looming over the surface of Mars.

    Iron Gold

    It’s an enemy of different kind for which no one was prepared. The horizon of war expands to the stars this time as an invasion is expected soon.

    Thus the writer has given a new dimension to the series this time and that’s why a single narrator was not ample for the job. Tim Gerard Reynolds takes the help of John Curless, Aedin Moloney and Julian Elfer in narration this time as the characters have increased to a large scale this time.


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