The Confession

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    Confession was Mike Daley’s life once when he was the town’s priest and after becoming a lawyer he left all that behind. Not only he left priesthood but also something stopped him from going to the church. He does not go for a confession or for a meeting in the church but Father Ramon Aguirre wants him to come to the church once in a while. The Father is of the view that some devilish powers have changed the man from within and coming to the church might help.

    Then his coming to church really brings some devilish things with him i.e a dead body. Sexual harassment issues are one of the most serious ones in the society and especially if they are connected to the religious people. Same case was resting on the church and then suddenly the lawyer in pursuit of the clues committed suicide.

    The Confession

    Many thought that it was a triumph for the church but then police started investigating all this as a murder. Another surprise for the people of the town and the church is that Father Aguirre was among the suspects. Mike and Rosie are called for help and they two hope for a miracle this time. Sheldon Siegel created an out of this world court room scene in was Special Circumstances and Incriminating Evidence but there was no link with religion or sexual harassment before. This one is an entirely changed topic and a bold one that usually common writers don’t select. Another narrator change is in order and this time Sam Guncler does the job, it is teasing that the series is not going on with the same voice but all the narrations have been accurate Thank God.

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