Incriminating Evidence

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Mike Daley did a good job in his previous case that was tough to handle but he was enjoying during the whole procedure. Daley wanted to search beneath the surface of things that had been hidden from him for a long time. But this one is far more difficult and troublesome as compared to everything he faced in Special Circumstances. He does not hate the case as much he as he hates his client whom he cannot bear.

An interesting thing about the series is that Sheldon Siegel is not making fun of the lawyers nor is the writer mocking the court procedure. The writer is just portraying the scene in an original way jus adding some more to the intensity department. So there is nothing personal from the writer and it is less subjective in nature. The current novel starts with a plain phone call that Daley receives from an old rival whose side he cannot even bear.

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But the man needs help, he is trapped in a case from which only Daley and Rosie can save him, they not only have the skill but they have a close knowledge about the man’s past and present. Gates the on trapped in the case was never an innocent man to hang out with, all his progress was through shortcuts but he was not the one who would kill a male prostitute and the sleep on the same bed.

The police is sure that he is the murderer and it is upon the divorced couple i.e Daley and Rosie to bring truth to light. The second rather lengthy episode is once again narrated by Tim Campbell who has adjusted well with the series and never looked struggling now. Member Benefit

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    Special Circumstances

    Criminal Intent


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