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    Being social is good thing and everyone wants to remain in the company of good friends all the time but everyone is not lucky enough to have friends all the time. If you have strange features and a hideous face no one will come near you because the people are always afraid of you and they don’t think that you are fascinating enough. Maxis Drago is a cursed being such as this one, having huge wings on his back this cursed dragon lives alone mostly and thinks of the past quite often.

    One thing that he mourns on more than anything is the loss of his beloved wife years ago, he thought that his wife was dead but it was a misunderstanding.


    So when he comes to know that his wife is alive and his enemy wants to kill her, the great dragon finally comes out of his hidings for a final fight. His opponent is also not an ordinary being and the fight between the two dragons makes the place a true battlefield. Sherrilyn Kenyon instead of introducing the Were-Hunters and vampires such as in Bad Moon Rising and Dark Side of the Moon takes the story to the dragon world.

    It is love that surpasses everything one again and for the sake of love Maxis do not think of anything like a curse or his life. Holter Graham has tried to provide extra masculine voice to the dragons to increase the grandeur of the gigantic creatures which is good but the impact does play that much vital role that was anticipated. In the fight scenes the voice of the dragons also mixes that dims the charm a little.

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