Bad Moon Rising

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    Irresistible loves stories about the demon world by Sherrilyn Kenyon cannot be left untouched, the stories take the feeling of the werewolves to an entirely different level. In Night Play and Winter Born we witnessed the love between the two different kinds. Here the love issue is already resolved and Fang is with the love of his life.

    Fang being the brother of the most dominant group in Omergrion has no fear, he lives free and does whatever he pleases but he never thought that he would have to face the enmity of his own brothers. War starts in the clans and everyone from all sides chooses his side at once, the war of course is not a new thing in the Were-Hunters world.

    But the problem is that this time among those who have betrayed the land there stands a familiar face for Fang i.e the woman that he loves. Fang knows that his beloved hasn’t done anything but there is no way he can prove his point.

    Bad Moon Rising

    Such circumstances leave him with only one choice i.e to run away with the girl he loves more than his clan and perhaps his brothers as well. Running away is not easy in Were-Hunters because it can end everything for all of them within moments of time. Fang still takes the risk and he is thus left with very little time to prove his point and to protect those that become his responsibility now. Perfection in narration is achieved by Holter Graham without any haste the narrator narrates the haste scenes in such a way that the thumping of our heart speeds up for a moment.

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