Dark Side of the Moon


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    None from the human world still knows about the world of the blood sucking devils that exist in the woods close to their world. The other side in which immortal live know all about the humans as they stalk the humans for their blood. Among those humans is Susan Michael who was once the top reporter of the town but now she is just a reporter the word “top” has vanished from her life.

    One scandal took everything away from her and now she just reports about funny things that are usually untrue. In this scenario the lady still is trying for redemption, she wants her career back and she knows that all she needs is a good solid report and that’s all. Her wish comes true and she gets a lead about vampires in Seattle. When she reaches the spot all she gets is a cat and nothing else, but the cat later changes into a vampire slayer who has been doing this job for the last four hundred years.

    Dark Side of the Moon

    Instead of the story Susan know starts thinking about the people of the town that she has to save because the vampires are coming for a hunt. This relation also stands as a test for Ravyn too because the last time he trusted a human it proved to be a disaster for him. Now the vampire hunter is ready to share his secret with another human because he is left with no choice. Wonderful story but not that kind of love story that was seen in Night Play and Winter Born, Sherrilyn Kenyon has tried something new this time, the vampire hunting stuff was also not there in previous books. Holter Graham has narrated well and it is a smooth little story without any hiccups.

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