Kingdoms and Chaos


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    The unexpected circumstances are dealt with great expertise the band of nobodies has finally emerged to the ranks of soldiers. Kingdom Cael is established and is stronger than ever with the knights like Rezkin protecting its boundaries from the foreign invaders.

    People of the land are being taught to protect the land on their own as a second phase of Rezkin’s plan, he anticipates another invasion. The invasions will continue according to Rezkin because of the secret that lies buried beneath it. The magical powers are so great that any threat can approach the kingdom any time.

    It was tough for the hero to get hold of his powers and now his friends after getting more power and responsibilities start behaving a little odd. People around try to use them and their powers for the little goals they want to achieve. It’s a period of recognizing who they truly are and what is their role in the broader spectrum of warfare. Kel Kade does not end this part as it was hoped by those who listened to Free the Darkness and  Reign of Madness compactness was lacking on most occasions.

    Kingdoms and Chaos

    No weakness in the characters from both sides but the story line went stray a little that is managed by the narration of Nick Podehl. Heroic or chivalric speeches are made in between with some mesmerizing words and the voice of Nick enhanced the effectiveness. Most of the fans after going through this part think that extra length is given to the story it could have been concluded in the third part because not a lot was left after that.

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