Legends of Ahn


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    Rezkin thought that he lost everything in life and then he came to a village where he made several new friends and those friends became his family. Instead of destroying himself in doubt the young fighting machine decides to protect and fight for his friends for the rest of eternity.

    But that was Free the Darkness and then the King’s Tournament in Reign of Madness took Rezkin to a kingdom that was not his. Still an association is forged with the land and he and his friends plan to stay there and defend it against the new accursed enemy. The enemy appeared during the Tournament and destroyed everything within no time. Caydean’s attack not only destroyed the city but also changed all of it allies into its enemies. Rezkin and his friends though not properly trained for such kind of war decide to stay for the protection of the land the apparently have no concern.

    Legends of Ahn

    They have one thing in common that has made them a team and that is to fight for the sake of honor and there is no honor in running away. First proper fight is painted since the first part by Kel Kade and it is not that big as the listeners were expecting, it can be called a warm up or an intro of the two rival sides.

    Psychological tormenting of the hero is not in much detail in the third part, there is no answer still found related to the existence of Rezlin but he has bigger war to fight instead of finding secrets about him. The base and stage is all set for the concluding and final war of the era.

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    1. One would think someone who makes an English website where one can pirate English books would be a little bit better at writing in English. That synopsis up there looks like it was written by someone who just smashed a bunch of words together.


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