Ashes of Midnight


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    Again it is a vampire story because the series is based on the theme and then there is a love story going on under the veil of war. Don’t judge this series as a boring one with this single line description because it is the sensation that has made Lara Adrian famous and the pen of the author has produced another gem in the form of this book. The allurement and the appeal which is painted between the two characters are amazing and no one is going to feel tired after this super story.

    Claire starts running in the opening scenes of the story because there has been something strange which is going on in her home. It was late at night and there was no one who could help her when the demon from hell came to his doorstep. She didn’t welcome him and he wasn’t looking for a welcome part either.

    Ashes of Midnight

    Though Andreas used to love Claire in the past and he still has that feeling in his heart somewhere but he is not going to show it at the time when his fellows have been killed by the enemies. This vampire wants Claire to guide him to his enemies as she is the only one with the ability to do that.

    Going closer to Claire is risky for Andreas because he will get entangled in that love bond again which he does not want now. Midnight Rising and Veil of Midnight showed how the vampires had to leave their shield when the allurement took over but Andreas seem to be stronger or perhaps he is mad with the feeling of vengeance. He is not going to leave his enemies alive whether he has to leave his beloved or kill her in the process.

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