Free the Darkness

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Rezkin a new warrior in the world of fantasy that Kel Kade has been writing about appears form the secret fortress. The man has been practicing there for ages but never got the chance to prove the skills in a real battle. The outside world was forbidden for him and was not allowed to fight in an open battle. But what can a person do if war is imposed upon him from all sides and the basic motive of his life is taken away. Rezkin the war machine is let loose in the open when the world around him perishes at once.

The man has powers, skills and a special talent but who he is no one knows, not even Rezkin knows the purpose of his existence. Ashai is not favorable for him after the destruction of his home their so the warrior travels further in search of clues. A group of people offer him food and shelter for which he starts protecting them and in the mean while gathering clues about him and the one who gave him the powers.

Unlike Fate of the Fallen this book has some humor, the narrator Nick Podehl proves to be less stern in narrating the comic incidents. The book is written on the lighter side which is not the routine pattern that the author follows. The warrior not only starts protecting the funny troop that he is left with after the death of everyone he knew but plans big for the land. Ashai might just need a hero like him in the coming days, Rezkin and the land on which he lives for the time being might have the same enemy and his link to the land is strengthening.

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