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    Mosaic is the 5th chapter of the Breakthrough novel series. It is masterfully written by Michael J. Grumley and he earned great repute and feedback from his audience for such brilliant work. It is a mystery thriller and the author managed to maintain the same level of interest in this novel for his audience. Scott Brick once again has done well in giving the narration of this novel.

    The social and political infighting is going on in full throttle, which is highly threatening the existence of this world. Hatred and rancor are something, which only gets stronger, while overwhelming all the nations. With every passing day, the economic and moral strife prompts the embroiled countries to come very close of fighting a war. This is not how it should be for the peace of the world.


    The god thing in such situation is that the hope is not dead. Everywhere, it could be seen that the pockets of compassion and honor are in full swing and both continue to preserve. It was the place where the human lives are loved, cherished, respected and valor endures. Then, there is that top most extraordinary team, which is determined to fight and save all of us.

    A team that has in its possession all the top secrets of the world is in action. The one great secret of all could possibly bring back the world from the brink of getting completely destroyed.

    Leap and Catalyst are other famous novels by Michael J. Grumley. Both these mentioned novels are great chapters out of the Breakthrough novel series and played a role in the overall success of the subject novel series.



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