The Best of Us


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    The Best of Us is the 4th book of the Sullivan’s Crossing saga. It is one of the most awaited chapters from Robyn Carr. The book is a contemporary fiction, where the fascinating characters and flawless storyline makes it a must listen audio book. Therese Plummer just like the prior novels of this series have once again impressed all the audience and followers of this series with her outstanding and grasping tone.

    Dr. Leigh Culver is a resident of Timberlake, Colorado and loves to practice medicine there. He is happy to make his move from his stressful and tense life in Chicago. The only drawback associated with this move is that she now misses her beloved aunt, Helen. Aunt Helen was the woman who brought her up.

    The Best of Us

    But, it is time now for Leigh to have her full independence and to love the life just as she wants. She is full of hope that the beauty in the wilderness of Colorado will force her beloved aunt Helen to visit her more often.

    Helen Culver is known to be a completely independent woman, who willingly and with lots of love raised the orphaned child of her sister. Now, it is time for Leigh to live life of her own as she is grown up and mature now.

    The Country Guesthouse and The View from Alameda Island novels are also penned by Robyn Carr. He is a renowned writer in contemporary fiction category and you will find all those traces of his brilliance in literary writing in these recommended novels. Not to forget, the narration given in these mentioned novels is also a highlight, which you will surely enjoy.

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