The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


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The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is a great and a fascinating novel on science fiction that you will ever come across. It is chapter of the sensational Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where its first chapter with the same title made the upcoming chapter highly anticipated ones.

This is written by Douglas Adams who deserves no introduction especially after the first chapter The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of this series which was later on transformed into a TV show as well. Another popular novel from the author that you must be told about is So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Martin Freeman was entrusted with the role of the narrator. He managed to pull off a tremendous performance and in making this well-written novel sound so good on audio as well.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Arthur Dent along with his comrades were in a desperate search for a spot to eat, just as they got hurtled across the space, which was powered through pure improbability. Ford Prefect was one of the shipmates of Arthur. He was his old friend and also an expert contributor in the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. Then the other significant character on the scene was Tricia McMillan. She was actually a refugee who has gone native. All these along with Marvin, the sulky android created a great science fiction story who perhaps were not so sure about their destination in the start.

Douglas Adams managed to earn the reputation of a fantastic satirist. This is an ultimate novel that puts Douglas Adams right among the top writers of his time. You must check this one out.



Life, the Universe, and Everything


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    1 thought on “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

    1. Must be read or at least heard , guy’s this stuff is legendary with a hint of extreme incite and a comic perspective mostly lost on later so called sci fi savants , anyway your loss your choice ,the first book ,the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy will capture and educate even the philistinism of the most stubborn anti science fiction critic ,with Stephen fry on board for the hitchhiker’s guide,what’s not to love and enjoy ,my friends try to become aware of you out there .


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