Downtime and Death


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    Visiting one gate and then the other Alvin is finally tired with the struggle this time and wants some rest or break. He is not tired of running perhaps but the end is nowhere to be seen which means that his death is something he cannot escape from. Though he is given a second chance and he proves himself the bad and the meanest but nothing works for him. The allies that he makes the friends that he save; the one that he loves everything appears to be so meaningless because it’s part of a game.

    Vacation time is a little odd and Alvin is clear in his mind that the vacation that he is enjoying is actually a time that is given to him in order to meet the old friends and spend sometime in the luxury of the sun.

    Downtime and Death

    Alvin was carving for this rest in Valley of Death and Rapture but know when he has it he cannot enjoy it. He knows that it is not permanent soon a door will open and will take him to his doom. Daniel Schinhofen has turned his fighter into a pessimist this time and we too feel a bit awed for the man because he is facing something worse than death now.

    With such an attitude he might not return back from this new gate that is taking him to Texas. Tess Irondale too gives a bizarre tone to Alvin because it was the need of the character this time and we can say that now it is time for the conclusion. The conclusion is expected soon and surely would be epic.

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