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    Thank God we listen something about the private life of the two who are now like the sheriffs of the town. Cole and Hitch were hired for different reasons by different people in Appaloosa and Resolution and now them have really cemented their place in the society. The society is also not an ordinary one it is the society of lawless people who can just shoot you anytime, anywhere. The two town saviors are looking for a woman now named Allie French who stole the heart of Virgil Cole in her first glance.


    Cole knew that she too loved him but then all of a sudden she ran away with another man. Now Cole wants to know why she did all that, whether it was because of money or some other reasons.

    Hitch the deputy now is with him like always and the mission that is more personal from the look of it starts. Allie is found in a small town near Mexico but she is not the same woman anymore, she works in a brothel for her survival and though the two take her with them nothing is same.


    The relation and the spirit both are broken now, as the three reach Brimstone. The two gun man are hired as the deputies and Allie too seeks redemption in the church but things are not what they seem in this town, Brother Percival has bigger plans for the town. Robert B. Parker has not yet brought the series in continuation, the author is writing the series in the form of different missions.

    Now there is a chance that he might continue in the same pattern instead trying to gather things together, it is new town, new people in every part. This change makes it a little difficult for Titus Welliver to adjust the narration according to it every time but the job is a fine one.

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    Blue-Eyed Devil


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