They Do It with Mirrors


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    Miss Marple is ready for another mystery and the girl has not been given time for her personal life by the author Agatha Christie. We have seen how Marple has handled things in the previous parts and she has shown her readiness to accept cases of all kinds and there has been no fear of criminals in her heart.

    Marple comes to Stoneygates in order to visit an old friend who was in the rehabilitation centre because of certain reasons and here another case comes to her on its own. Emilia Fox narrates how Marple witnesses a murder in the rehabilitation centre and is forced to stay in order to get to the bottom of the case. An unknown person shoots at the administrator of the centre and he proves to be lucky that he does not get the bullet.

    They Do It with Mirrors

    However, a person who came to the centre for a visit got the bullet and he died on the spot. Marple thinks that the whole thing was intentional and something big is going on behind the curtain of deception. The young detective has witnessed a lot in The Body in the Library and A Murder Is Announced but she is fighting crime alone here and she is not in her town either. Thus there is no support which would be provided to Marple as she goes in search of the criminal who is quite cunning and he is keeping an eye on her from a close distance.

    Marple does not want to lose her life but saving it would not be easy because she has given herself a task which is bigger than her expectations.

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