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    Cherie Priest after talking about girls a lot in the second and third parts comes back to the men of action. Women in the previous two parts were not commanding forces that could fight on the battlefield. They were just dragged to the battleground in Clementine and Dreadnought with no training at all still they survived by depending on pure instincts. Andan Cly is not like them at all, he is a well-established air pirate who takes on missions and adventure tours excitedly.

    No matter what happens it is money which the pirate wants more than anything else in the world struck by war. Once he had an affair with a prostitute in New Orleans but that has become a thing of the past now. Andan does not meet her anymore and has assumed that she would also have forgotten all about him over a decade. To his surprise, things turn up differently when he is called by Josephine Early for a job. New Orleans calls Andan romantically thus he just cannot say no to it. Josephine has a job for him and his crew and perhaps much more than he expects.


    Flying, delivering, and snatching have been part of Andan’s life but he has worked in airships only, Josephine wants him to drive something underwater. Its Ganymede, Andan would be driving under the Pontchartrain Lake. Ganymede is a war machine powerful enough to settle the course of war forever. Many have tried before and perished, Andan thus wishes for a different fate for him and his crew. Edoardo Ballerini just gives an excellent accent and style to the narration of this short and effective story.

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