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Who could have ever imagined that the famed Hollywood actress, Demi Moore would come up with such a fantastic memoir, written by herself. It tells a great story about the actress, which narrates a number of personal, emotional and intimate encounters of her life. Demi Moore herself has done the narration of this book inside out, which further adds to the charm and value of it.

Demi Moore has enjoyed the celebrity status for decades. She has enjoyed success from her iconic film roles to her high profile affairs and relationships, which were always in the public eye. In short, she was never far from the limelight and would always make the headlines with whatever little happens in her personal, public or reel life.

Inside Out

Despite of becoming the highest paid actress in Hollywood, she always use to outrun her past and used to be just a step ahead always of the insecurities and the doubts, which actually demarcated her childhood.  Throughout her rise on the ladder of success and also at the time of some of the most significant moments in her life, Demi fought addiction, childhood trauma and some body image issues as well.

All these issues and concerns in her life haunted and followed her for a number of years. Such things played a significant role in her negative publicity in public eye and created a negative perception in public for quite some time. She started to question herself, if she really belongs to Hollywood, especially when her success was growing.

The other questions that she use to ask herself where that if she is a good mother or not and even a good actress or everything is just fabricated. In short, she doubt if she is simply good enough for all that she has.


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