Dark Demon


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    Dark Demon is chapter 16th of the Dark novel series but it is quite different from the prior chapters of the saga. Although, it is still a romance fantasy but this time you will experience some erotica as well. The author Christine is supremely talented and she manage to bring something new and exciting in every novel of hers. This chapter was exactly the time in the long Dark saga which required a bit of a twist and turn, and this is exactly what the author provided her fans with. If you are already a fan of the author and looking for more god novels from her then do spend some time listening to Desolation Road and Shadow Flight novels from the author.

    Dark Demon

    In this novel, the realm of the Carpathians is completely shaken by the resourceful union.

    Natalya is a shape-shifter who hunt all those who use to kill by night. She is always looking for Carpathians and the vampires in the high mountains. She has the reputation of being as deadly as she is gorgeous. Vikirnoff is a Carpathian who also has a job to hunt vampires. But, all his people are enemy of Natalya. One night. Vikirnoff planned to join hand with Natalya during a big clash with vampires. They won that part but the battle between their souls and heart has just begun. Is it possible for desire to overcome the enmity of their people?

    The book is deeply engaging and tells a great love story with a bit f twist and suspense as well. The author here once again did a brilliant job to impress all her fans and followers.

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