Break No Bones


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    Temperance hides herself from troubled places but the troubles remain successful in finding her all the time and it appears that she is like the chosen one for the cases. Archeology field school is an innocent little task for which Tempe is called to South this time.

    All she had to do was to teach the youngsters the art of digging and inspecting the old bones. During this trip Tempe finds a skeleton that does not appear to be too old and to check her doubt she inspects it in the lab.

    The doubt becomes reality and it seems that someone has been mixing fresh bones in the old one. But who are the people whose skeletons are thrown on this sight is beyond guessing. One trail and then the next one Tempe is on to the case in a flash. Trails first lead them to a clinic where even the doctor in charge acts in an odd way. One thing becomes clear from the gestures of the doctor that he knows something and he is trying to hide it. Local police is contacted as Emma thinks that they have dug up trouble this time and by the look of things even the sheriff seems to be involved.

    Break No Bones

    Tempe was not that much out sourced in Fatal Voyage and Death du Jour but here she is on her own and the case surely endangers the life of Tempe and her friends. Kathy Reichs’ novel come in a new voice to us as Dorothee Berryman is chosen for narration in this part. Ninth episode is breathtaking for sure and the new thing that we see is that Tempe now has the zeal to survive anything; she does not need the help of people like Andrew or the police.

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