Cross Bones


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    Michele Pawk’s voice trended well with the previous episode of the series thus the author is hired to narrate another part of Kathy Recichs favorite series. Montreal again becomes the scene of action where a Jew gets killed and the police have only one person to go to i.e Temperance.

    Case was never that much twisted in appearance thus Tempe thought of it as a routine case until she was handed over a picture that somehow links to the case. One who was killed used to deal in antiques as a side business or hidden business in the black market. Hints that are collected about the picture of the bones make Temperance and the biblical archeologist Jake Drum feel awed.

    Cross Bones

    Never in the world before anyone has found the original resting place of Christ and now Tempe and her band thinks that they have the clues to reach it. For the sake of investigation they go to Israel so that the truth could be found. If the thing is correct it will change the history forever and there could also be a threat that someone has played a trick with the gang in order to mislead them from the case.

    Andrew Ryan was acting strange in Monday Mourning but now he is the same who showed his affection for Tempe in Death du Jour.  So one thing is clear that the personal issues of all kind are finally resolved and the band can focus fully on the case that is linked to history and religion at the same time. If they are correct a land mark is achieved in the history of mankind and if not someone has played with them very seriously.

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