Bones to Ashes


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    Audience does not look tired from “Temperance Brennan” series and the author Kathy Reichs also looks fresh so there is no need to end the series that has been real gem. Skeletons and bones have been Tempe’s life we saw her in Cross Bones and Break No Bones digging graveyards and revealing secrets of the burials. Linda Emond narrates another mission in which Tempe gets the skeleton of a teenage girl for an inspection. Case is not new but the place and the age of the girl brings back several memories to Tempe.

    Years ago Tempe used to live in Acadia, the same place where the dead body is found and there her best friend Evangelina one day vanished in thin air. She tried to look for her but no clues were found now year’s later Tempe thinks that there is a possibility that the skeleton is actually Evangelina.

    Bones to Ashes

    Emotional in approach the forensic specialist lands on the spot and comes to know that Andrew too is investigating several missing girl’s case in the area. There could be a possibility that the skeleton is linked to that case and not the one Tempe is expecting. And if the skeleton is one of the disappeared girls than there is a threat that more would come and this is a job of a serial killer who should be stopped at any rate.

    Highly emotional Tempe starts the analysis and for Andrew it is time to get rational because time is running out for them. Forensic department uses new techniques in the novel and it is clear that the author is keeping an eye on the new techniques that are being used in field these days.

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