Lusam The Dragon Mage Wars, Book 6


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    Epic fantasy and a fantastic battle that was full of trials and tribulations finally come to an end; it has been a long series for the people who were hoping it to be a trilogy. Dean Cadman never wanted to wind up the things at the third part Lusam, he remained adding the story of the books one after the other. The god of darkness is unstoppable and his powers grow because the Rift is now permanently open. Monsters roam on the paths of the world that was once peaceful and quite.

    No way for the Lusam gang except to forge a team with the dragons that alone have the power to confront the wrath of the dark god. Aamon the dark god is not in mood of a fight, he is all focused to run away from the scene because the goal is achieved. He now possesses what he longed for and fighting is a waste of precious time.  The Rift is still not close and more and more monsters are coming out of it. Lusam and the dragons can close the Rift and defeat the demons that have come out of it and the time has come to settle the scores once and for all.

    Lusam The Dragon Mage Wars, Book 6

    The dragon world too is in a little trouble of its own thus forming an alliance is the only option both sides are left with before the start of the epic battle. The narration still doesn’t stumble and Alex Wyndham has performed an equal role along with the author in the success of the series. The series is a fine collection to have if the listener is a teenager or above.

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