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    The finale approaches with the sirens of war and a deadly one no doubt. It’s really amazing to see K.F.Breene’s characters that emerge and fall in different parts. The writer has portrayed the characters in such a fancy way that even the villain side sometime start to look a little appealing.The determination is there on both sides, each is ready to give his life for the fulfillment of the goal. It’s like the clash of two titans that we see in the war between Shanti and Xandre. These two characters are presented as two leaders that don’t allow each other to rest even for a single span of time.

    It’s the enmity between the two that has groomed them in such fine leaders. In this final battle two a single moment costs Shanti heavily but she is with well trained lads and Cayan who are always there for her help.


    The fight is on and it’s the result of their fight that will decide the fate of the land on which they live. No apparent weakness is seen in Shanti and Xandre this time which means that it would we raw fight that would decide everything.

    A lot more fight if compared with Invasion and Shadow Lands  but no change of sides from anyone this time as it’s a defining moment now. It is overall a well written and portrayed warrior novel that lives truly to its name.

    Caitlin Davies role cannot be neglected who has narrated the whole series and proved the worth of her narration throughout. She has kept her narration nicely blended with the story and is no doubt quite appealing to the ear.


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