Nightmare in Pink


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    Travis McGee is a 21-part long crime mystery thriller saga. It is actually the brilliant writer of the author, John D. MacDonald and the tremendous response of the audience that he managed to write such a long series. Nightmare in Pink is the second chapter in the series and after the god opening to the first chapter, audience had quite high hopes with this one.

    It turned out to be another stunner with a highly suspenseful story for which the author and the Travis McGee series is all about. A couple of other good novels from the author that are recommended for you are One Fearful Yellow Eye and The Deep Blue Good-By.

    The story starts with the introduction of the character of Nina. She is a career woman who is living alone somewhere in Manhattan. She offers Travis McGee partnership and also the opening into the first lose thread in the gigantic swindle’s fabric. She is now leading Travis McGee over a torturous and a wild chase into a highly decadent world that belongs to the elite or the high society. It was a ruthless world of some really big money, assets and other means of wealth. It was also the mighty world of hallucinatory drugs.

    Nightmare in Pink

    According to many listeners of Nightmare in Pink, they believe that this book is even better than the first novel of the series. It is actually this novel that get audience going with the many other chapters of this series. It is indeed one of the greatest encounters that we can witness in our age and the book within holds a highly mesmerizing story that you will cherish for a long time.

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