In Her Wake


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    Sebastian York narrates another fiction by K.A. Tucker and the stories just get on getting better and better. Tragedy can be found to the maximum in this novel as it tells that just one night or a single moment of time can take everything away from you. No matter how much explaining is done after that it is of no avail at all. Cole the party animal sort of a boy always liked to remain among his friends that have been with him since he was just a little kid in the school.

    Now he is in college and he loves his college life just like his friends. A party that the friends arranged for the weekend went a little wrong because they were drunk but then in resulted in the death of six people present there. That is not all the girl present in the part was found by the police in a really bad state. Her whole life was destroyed and she didn’t want to even talk about that night anymore.

    In Her Wake

    Cole was the only survivor in that case and the police did let him go because they were of the view that Cole never wanted to do what he did, he did all that because he was drunk. The crime was never put on him and he got lucky but that was from the outside, he really broke from the inside that day. Life lost its worth for him and he wanted to get rid of all the things he once loved so much in his life. The girl also doesn’t want to see his face anymore and she happens to be the only one who can provide him a chance to live again. Completely different as compared to Wild at Heart and Keep Her Safe though the second novel had some crime scenes in it but it was related to a drug cartel.

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