Relic of the Gods


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    Philip C. Quaintrell concludes the tale not in a flash but in detail, the prophecy is told and retold at every step and in every part. The prophecy was there in Rise of the Ranger and Empire of Dirt, Philip wanted the parts to look as independent and part of the series at the same time. Each part talks about the base of war and its link with the past that only one man knows about but he has lost that part of his memory.

    Concluding days for the war and the people involved in it, the prophesy has been fulfilled although several tried to delay the process but none succeeded. Dragons were the biggest hope for humans in war and they are ready to help but they have been defeated by the elves before and they might not be enough for the help. Asher like the dragons has finally chosen his side and is going for a one on one fight with Darkakin. Luckily for all the people the dragons have not come to the battlefield alone, they come with a relic that was thought to be a myth.

    Relic of the Gods

    The relic of gods has the power to destroy whatever is evil in the world of man, but in the case of strong magic the gods look to be in a kind of suspicion about the result of the war. Spicy magical wordings and dynamic talk of the war lords hit the scene strongly and Steven Brand makes you feel the heat of the situation and the intensity in the air. Enjoyable but there is one thing lacking and that is the personal life of Asher that is not given very much importance it’s all war and no romance.

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