The Moonlight Child



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    We tend to get closer to our next door neighbors perhaps more than our relatives. All the time, we are able to keep an eye on their movements through the window and their schedule is something that we notice quite automatically. Sharon was also looking for something else through the window of her house when she noticed that a girl was present in the kitchen of her neighbor.

    Her neighbors had no young girl in the family this was an odd thing. Moreover, she was doing the household work late at night which was peculiar too. Sharon wanted to forget the incident because it was none of her business and there was nothing wrong with the scene. Then Niki who was living with Sharon also noticed the same thing and the two girls decided to reach the core of the matter as they were curious about the thing.

    The Moonlight Child

    The more these two girls investigated Fleming’s house, the more complicated the entire scenario became for both of them. The Fleming was hiding a lot of things from their neighbors and the secrets were of the type which was hard to believe for an ordinary human being. Karen McQuestion gained a lot of fame after A Scattered Life, this one is another awesome fiction by the author.

    Narrated in the heavy voice of Stacy Glemboski, the novel will impress you a lot more than 214 Palmer Street : A completely gripping psychological thriller packed with suspense. There is an element of suspense that goes all the way and certain elements of the story haunt us as well. Surely an unbelievable story is created by the author of this book.

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