The Oracle


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    The Oracle book is a joint venture of Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell as its authors. The book is narrated by Scott Brick in his very professional and thought-provoking tone as this is what the plot of this book actually demands, which is all about adventure and living life through it.

    The story is about a thrill and adventure of a husband and wife named Sam and Remi Fargo. Their adventures were all about the search of an ancient scroll, which is not just a simple ancient piece. Rather, it was assumed to be deadly cursed. The story dates back to 533 AD, when a ruler in North America, Vandal consults an Oracle as how could he defeat the Byzantine army, who is trying to invade the territory.

    The Oracle

    It was the oracle who tells the king that priestess actually cast a deadly curse on the Kingdom of Vandal just after a sacred scroll got lost or was stolen. In order to lift or settle the curse, the scroll must be found and returned to its original place.

    But the Kingdom of vandal falls before the scroll could be found and left that place to be a great mystery.

    The Oracle

    The current day archeological dig the place to find some extremely pivotal clues. The process of uncovering these clues was funded by Sam and Remi Fargo, who still have a long way to go in order to solve this mystery.

    The other two fantastic adventurous books by the same authors are Flood Tide and the Celtic Empire. Both are worth listening to and equally capable of keeping you on your toes right till its climax. If you really want to be entertained with a great piece of writing and narration then 3 books are there to be availed in this piece of writing.


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