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The Cruelest Month

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The completion of trilogy still does not fulfill the appetite of the mystery lovers that have been listening to Louise Penny’s master piece for quite a while now. Ralph Cosham’s voice too is playing a good role in conveying the story in the same way that the writer demanded. We never feel the narrator mixing things up or trying to toy with the voice its clear and accurate performance all the way. The murder sight is once again Three Pines the area that comes under the jurisdiction of Chief Inspector Gamache the one with supreme intellect.

The Cruelest Month

Solving cases is not only his duty but it has also turned into his habit that he cannot run away from. The time for another festive occasion links the basic scenario with A Fatal Grace however this time the one who is dead has no signs strangling or electrocution. On the occasion of Easter some people from the village try to get rid of all the evil of the town for which they gather at Old Hadley house.

The motive was a good one but everything is dashed to the ground when one of the villagers died during the whole procedure. The people present on the spot say that he died because of the fear but Armand has other views. Armand Gamache is of the view that the whole ceremonial thing was a set up for the murder and the one who is murdered was tricked to enter the house.

Thus we see once again everything analyzed and every link checked with extreme accuracy and care leaving no stone unturned in order to solve another mysterious case.



A Fatal Grace

A Rule Against Murder


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    2 thoughts on “The Cruelest Month”

    1. There appears to be a file missing between the second last and last, it skips from part way through chapter 39 to part way through chapter 43. Great book but disappointing to miss that section.


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