Shattered Spear


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The battle for supremacy comes to conclusion in this fourth chapter of the saga by Jack Campbell. Right of the drop of the syndicate two people emerged on the scene with true power and though majority is with them but they have not remained successful in crushing the syndicate. Without the complete destruction of the syndicate it is impossible for even the people like President Gwen Iceni and General Artur Drakon to establish peace and harmony in the region. They have tried but still much more is there to be done for the new government in the Midway.

It has been a while when the forces were joined for the fight against the aliens and though the battle was won but the alliance did not go well for the new government. So now when they get offers of a collective rule they just cannot say yes because they don’t trust anyone at this point. Meanwhile ships are seen in the space at different sectors and looks like that the humans living on different stars are once again in danger because the aliens have returned for revenge. And this time the people of the earth are not united even.

Shattered Spear

More action in this book if we look back towards the parts like Tarnished Knight  and started in Perilous Shield. The end of this book is magnificent and there are a few pauses by Marc Vietor in the narration but they seem to be intentional. The author has also kept a balance between the two sides to get the competition going in an appropriate way. Favoring one side at this would have destroyed all the flavor of the series.


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