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Little House on the Prairie Audiobook: Little House, Book 3

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Little House on the Prairie

Another story from the little house stories is this Little House on the Prairie written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and narrated by Cherry Jones who have given a marvelous collection of wonderful little house series. As in the other books in this series it has been depicted that the Laura has portrayed the struggle and adventurous life as the pioneer Americans as they lived in little house living all on their own by creating treats and wonderful foodstuff and working for their life, this story is another adventure of the same kind.

This is the third book in the series comprising of Laura’s adventure as she and her family travel after leaving their little house in Wisconsin and move towards Kansas. Though they were on their way to build another little house and start a new life the journey was long and continued for many days. They finally found the suitable place to make their new little house in the prairie. After building their new home Laura and her family got busy making the place to be suitable to live by plowing, fields and rearing cattle and turkeys and everything they would need.

Little House on the Prairie Audiobook: Little House, Book 3

The beauty of the stories is that despite the fact their life is hard and needs a lot of work, Laura’s family is still happy and busy making their lives easy and wonderful together.

As in her other stories like in the  Little House in the Big Woods and On the Banks of Plum Creek Laura has made everything look so smooth and pretty and admirable as well that everyone could feel the warmth and togetherness of their family and the happiness they share.

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List book in the series

  1. Little House in the Big Woods Audiobook: Little House, Book 1
  2. Farmer Boy Audiobook: Little House, Book 2
  3. Little House on the Prairie Audiobook: Little House, Book 3
  4. On the Banks of Plum Creek Audiobook: Little House, Book 4
  5. By the Shores of Silver Lake Audiobook: Little House, Book 5
  6. The Long Winter Audiobook: Little House, Book 6
  7. Little Town on the Prairie: Little House Book 7
  8. These Happy Golden Years: Little House Book 8


Farmer Boy Audiobook: Little House, Book 2

On the Banks of Plum Creek Audiobook: Little House, Book 4


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