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Little Town on the Prairie Audiobook: Little House, Book 7

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    Little Town on the Prairie Book 7

    This is the 7th book in the series of books in little house. Though the journey started as the family lived in the little house made by the American Pioneer family in the big woods, prairie, plum creek and Silver Lake, now as the story proceeds, Laura is growing up and so is the surroundings. The little place has now grown into a town with houses and other people there to share their social lives together.

    Now the story expands to the togetherness and social life of the people in the whole town rather than in a single family.

    The small town starts developing and flourishing after going through the tough winter. As all of these stories describe how the better days come on the way after everyone keeps putting their effort to bring happiness to a family and now as the small town.

    Little Town on the Prairie

    As Laura grow up and turn 15, she gets the certificate to teach and in her social circle, Almanzo is there. Who sometimes ask her to walk by her to her home when she is leaving the Church.

    Written by Laura Ingalls and narrated by Cherry Jones the story gives hope and happiness for the readers through lifelike moments shared and inspired by Laura’s own life.

    For the best glimpse of the story and to know the whole background of all the adventures reading through the series The Long Winter, By the Shores of Silver Lake and Little House on the Prairie would not bore you and would be giving you the most precious feel for sure.


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    3. Little House on the Prairie Audiobook: Little House, Book 3
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    6. The Long Winter Audiobook: Little House, Book 6
    7. Little Town on the Prairie: Little House Book 7
    8. These Happy Golden Years: Little House Book 8

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