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These Happy Golden Years Audiobook

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    These Happy Golden Years

    This little house book is somewhat conclusive of all books that describe Laura’s journey with her family across the various places where the family get through the challenges together and stay happy with each other. But now, as Laura gets the certificate to teach she now has to leave home and teach while staying away from home for about 21 miles. Though she gets a hard time staying away from her family she still starts managing so that she could pay for her sister Mary’s tuition charges of college for blinds. She finds fun in activities like singing, and sleigh riding. Though these are quite fun action filled activities, Laura finds the best time when she is with Almanzo while helping him drive his buggy with her.

    The storybook ends up with the friendship of Laura and Almanzo developing into the Romantic journey of life. As the title of the story, Laura concludes all the golden moments of her life in a beautiful way and Cherry Jones has narrated it very well.

    These Happy Golden Years

    For a complete supplement of this romantic journey, you may like to read the books in the Little House including The Long Winter, and  Farmer Boy.

    In all these books the author has developed the story well and gives a complete look of how the two came near to each other after getting into the life struggles and events that made them closer friends. This book definitely concludes their love life and give a pre-cursor for a beginning of the future life.


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