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    Going There By: Katie Couric

    Whenever an author narrates something written by himself it shows his concern for the story and the sheer commitment with the theme. Katie Couric has done the same thing because the story is linked to her life.

    The woman has been seen on television for many decades and she thinks that there are many people in the world who think that they know her but that is not her complete personality. Her personality that is presented on television is limited and there is more to her life than a mere television show.

    Thus Katie through this book tells the fans worldwide what she truly is from the inside. The memoir is not boring at all because the author knew exactly how to keep the interest of the fans alive in this one. There is fun, tragedy and a reality which has been kept hidden from the world for so long. Katie narrates how she was interested in the profession of her father because as a child she was greatly impressed by her father’s personality. Thus she wanted to be a journalist but her luck never supported her in that.

    Going There

    After facing many hardships and challenges of life she finally started rising in the television industry as her show got a click from the first episode. There were many obstacles on the way which she dealt with a lot of courage. The path was not easy still Katie kept on rising against every kind of hate and challenge. Katie has narrated You Don’t Look Your Age and The Best Advice I Ever Got in the past so this memoir was not a big challenge for her rather she has added emotions in it.

    Going There Going There

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