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    Maulkin has earned a good reputation in this new world which he entered as a result of an accident. Along with his Eternal friends, the man has done quite well to make it this far in the world full of horrible things. One thing which has been kept in mind by Maulkin, is to gain more and more power as he will need it all when he will come face to face with an evil god. After going through a lot of hardships, Maulkin at the start of this episode decides to rest for a while so he takes a one month break and goes to a distant land with his girlfriend.

    During this time he learns the art of sword fighting and instead of enjoying the leisure time, he starts waiting for a chance to get back in the battlefield. It is the slaughtering of the monsters which he likes the most and cannot live away from action.


    Fears of strange kind have also started terrorizing the hero in this chapter and he does not tell anyone about it. Perhaps the fears are just the creation of his mind but if they are real then bad days would be coming quite soon. Luke Chmilenko and G.D. Penman have brought old enemies back on the scene here in order to make things more interesting.

    Ascend Online and Savage Dominion provided a lot of fans to the authors and this one has brought a tremendous increase in the list too. The way Luke Daniels has handled the narration is completely out of this world. If you are a teenager who is listening to this story then you will just love it.

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