HALO: The Flood


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Second installment of the series written by William C. Dietz tells the fate of John and his team mates. Book one presented two issues in front of the United Nations Space Command, one was to gain complete control over the new human colony. Secondly the alien issue needed to be resolved quickly before the enemy takes over.

Both of these issues were resolved by John and his team and in the process of protecting the new earth their ship got hit. Survival became almost impossible for the crew because they found themselves in the corner of the universe where they could not find any help. Suddenly Al the closest of all to John among the crew spots an artificial ringworld. The crew lands the ship in the artificial world because they were left with no other option. On the artificial world that is called Halo they come to know about bigger secrets about the aliens. Halo actually was built millions of years ago and the aliens worship this incomplete place till the present day.

HALO: The Flood

As the team went deeper it found out that this artificial world was something more than a mere worship place. It was created for a far bigger purpose and the aliens were actually invading the galaxy for the completion of this ringworld. William wrote Starcraft II: Heaven’s Devils and Legion of the Damned in the past that made him famous among the fiction lovers.

But this is far better and improved stuff, the situations are more complete and writing style is bolder than before. Todd McLaren’s narration does not lose the strong hold on the series and just as the first book this too is a job well done.


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