A Time for Mercy


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    Jake Brigance gets back for another lifetime opportunity as he is given the case of a boy who has committed a murder. From the appearance, not many can tell that the boy has originally committed a crime but all the evidence leads against him. The boy has killed none other than the town’s deputy. From all sides, high officials try to influence the case as they want to see the boy dead at any rate. Jake does not believe that a boy can do such a horrible act and if he had committed the crime there should be some solid reason behind all of it. Thus Jake starts looking for clues and the more he indulges in the case the more threatening it becomes to his life.

    A Time for Mercy

    The life of Jake’s family also comes under the radar and attempts are made by the enemy to eradicate the family from the face of the earth. In the court, certain elements make it tough for Jake to defend the case as well. John Grisham brings a fabulous courtroom drama to us; there are suspense and a constant threat to life in the novel.

    Michael Beck narrates it ten times better than A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row. The story is not simple but it is narrated in a simple way for the audience. We can understand the concept easily; also there is not much talk about the laws of the court. The author wanted to keep it simple and understandable for fans of all ages. The reality which gets leaked in the end at the time of climax just amazes us and at that point, the story shows its true class to us.

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