Reaper’s Gale



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    Steven Erikson is best known for his Malazan Book of the fallen saga, which is a 10-volume novel series.  The subject chapter, Reaper’s Guide is also from the same series.

    Moreover, Toll the Hounds and Dust of Dreams are other two chapters, which were read and listened by great enthusiasm and are also from the same series under discussion here.

    Reaper’s Gale is a science fiction fantasy, which in fact is the whole Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series. The narration of this specific chapter is done by Michael Page and he made it lit with his powerful voice.

    The Letherii Empire has literally seen everything and this time, all is not well in there. The Emperor, Rhulad Sengar of a Thousand Deaths spirals deep into the madness, there and is completely surrounded by the agents and sycophants of the Machiavellian chancellor.

    Reaper's Gale

    On the other end, the Letherii secret police has setup a planned campaign of terror, which is unfortunately against their very own people.

    The far-seeing god earlier on with the name of Errant is no suddenly blind in seeing any part of the future. Conspiracies churn through all of the palace as the empire gets on the brink of an all-out war against many of the neighboring kingdoms.

    The fleet of Edur gets too close. The warriors in the fleet included Icarium Lifestealer and Karsa Orlong among others.

    Each of the two mentioned here were destined to cross the blades and that too with the emperor himself A band of fugitives, they were seeking a safe way out of the war-weary empire and Fear Sengar was one of them. In order to do so, he should find the soul of Scabandari Bloodeye.

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