The Magician King


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 This is not the first time that the author Lev Grossman is writing about the magical world. The author has already gained a lot of experience through the books The Magicians and The Golden Swift so no critic has raised a voice against this book. The world of magic that Grossman has painted is not according to the imaginations of children rather it is much dark.

The audience is taken to Fillory once again and the students of the institute are once again facing challenges that could prove to be life threatening. Once again it is Mark Bramhall who has narrated the magical world created by Grossman.

Quentin came to this world in the first part when he was provided with a strange letter. Now he and his friends have transformed into the kings and queens of the institute. It is a luxurious position but it comes with responsibility as well. Quentin and his friend Julia take a magical ship and they decide to sail to the border of their kingdom. The voyage started quite normally and then everything went upside down within no time.

The Magician King

Quentin and Julia find themselves in the house of Quentin’s parents and they are unable to comprehend the reason behind all of this. After much toil, they seem to understand that they are in danger and their kingdom is also on the verge of destruction.

They must return to their kingdom in time otherwise it would be too late for all of them. Julia’s dark magic can play the role but she has never tested the full potential of her magic before. There is no time for practice of experimentation so the couple takes the risk and plunges into the heart of danger in order to survive.


The Magicians

The Magician’s Land


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